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Whispers From The Moon por Lee Broda

Whispers From The Moon por Lee Broda epub

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Título: Whispers From The Moon

Autores: Lee Broda



Tamaño: 15 MB

Nº de páginas: 120

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Lee Broda con Whispers From The Moon

Whispers From The Moon is a collection of poetry about lovelossgrief heartache and the empowering of oneself, triumphing over all to celebrate the beauty of life.It is divided into four chapters corresponding to the phases of the moon: full, waning, eclipse, waxing. Lee Broda’s poetry is raw and evoking, sometimes dark and painful, while always searching to understand.With her poetry having already touched thousands, Lee wishes for the reader to know she is never alone in her suffering or in joy. Her wish for him is that he explores the deep, hidden edges of his heart between the wandering words of his soul.Whispers From The Moon is a companion to all of us in our life's journeys, encouraging us to live authentically with passion, acceptance, forgiveness, and ultimately, love.
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