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Spellbound: An Epic Time Travel Fantasy (young Adults) por M. I. Speer

Spellbound: An Epic Time Travel Fantasy (young Adults) por M. I. Speer epub

Descargar Spellbound: An Epic Time Travel Fantasy (young Adults) por M. I. Speer Epub y PDF

Título: Spellbound: An Epic Time Travel Fantasy (young Adults)

Autores: M. I. Speer

Publicado: 10 de julio de 2015


Tamaño: 10 MB

Nº de páginas: 257

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

M. I. Speer con Spellbound: An Epic Time Travel Fantasy (young Adults)

"Absolutely amazing read" AMAZON CUSTOMER"Time Well Spent Relaxing With This Book. Intriguing!" TS...AMAZON CUSTOMER"This was a lot of fun" SNN...AMAZON CUSTOMER… the disgruntled man was nearly upon her when out of nowhere; she was swept up by a man on horseback. Caitlin screamed again, not realizing who it was until she heard him say, “It is not good for a woman to wander into the forest alone, my apologies for losing sight of you.” Caitlin Evan, a college student, tours an ancient castle that her grandfather claimed had ties to their ancestors. Intrigued by its legends, and said to be haunted by a medieval warrior, she wanders from the tour group to explore on her own. Little does she know she is being hunted by the vengeful warrior trapped in a spell who mistakes her for someone else.That evening the man enters her room while she sleeps. Upon waking they engage in a struggle and the crystal begins to glow... Plunged into the freezing forest in the dead of the night, barefoot and in her night slip, Caitlin finds herself facing the warrior who believes her to be the evil daughter of the sorcerer who used her to lure his father and brothers into a deadly ambush. Caitlin soon makes the startling discovery that she has traveled back in time with a man at the center of a rebellion that begins with her demise. (PG-13) *** (See video trailer below) If you enjoy: young adult books, castles, medieval romance, dark fairytale or time travel fantasy...scroll up and order now!Other books:SPELLBOUND II: The Calling – The modern-day descendant of the Kellan's, on his high school senior trip to Emerald Castle, finds the crystal and is empowered by it. When Serena, the sea witch, senses his empowerment she transfers him back to medieval times to help her ailing daughter, and her beautiful granddaughter, defend a village against three evil power-hungry witches. However, the witches have also sensed him, and are now on their way.MAIDEN VOYAGE – A relentless chase across the sea, as a runaway bride stows away on the ship of the groom's dashing brother. HECHIZADO – Spanish version of SPELLBOUND
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